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Artificial Intelligence and ADR:Practical Applications and Ethical Insights

June 11, 2024 at Noon (via Zoom)

Join us for "Artificial Intelligence and ADR: Practical Applications and Ethical Insights." Our guest speaker, Ana Sambold will provide a comprehensive overview of the field of AI-driven tools, focusing on the dynamic interplay between technology, law and conflict resolution. Ana will outline best practices for integrating Large Language Models while also highlighting the responsibilities and ethical considerations of such integration. This ensures that participants are not only equipped with the latest technological skills but also maintain a strong ethical awareness in their application. 

Our presenter is a California-based mediator and arbitrator who serves as the 2-23-2024 Chair of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section. She is a  frequent speaker on the topic of AI utilization by arbitrators and attorneys. Please join us for a lively discussion.  

For registration and program information, go here.

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