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Boston is a global city known worldwide as a center for science, technology, and education. Home to world-beating businesses, as well as over one hundred colleges and universities—including two of the top five universities in the world: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology—Boston is where the world comes to find answers to some of today’s most difficult problems.

As a global city, Boston is easy to get to and the well-known and centrally located Logan Airport providing non-stop air service to more than fifty international destinations, including Amsterdam, Beijing, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Zurich. Indeed, in addition to its international businesses and world-class institutions, Boston is frequently ranked as one of the world’s top tourist destinations as well.

For international disputes, Boston is also home to excellent and predictable courts and sophisticated legal expertise. The United States Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) governs international arbitrations occurring in Boston, and Massachusetts courts regularly enforce international arbitration agreements and confirm international arbitration awards.

Boston is also an excellent choice for international disputes due to its being a hub of international expertise in science, technology, and economics. With its best-in-the-world colleges and universities, experts in virtually all subject areas call Boston home. And for the economic analysis critical to quantum issues, Boston serves as an international center for expertise, home to such expert firms as Charles River Associates, the Analysis Group, and NERA Economic Consulting.

With a sophisticated bar, reliable courts, a desirable destination, easy access, and the expertise needed for virtually any dispute, Boston is a leading center for international disputes.

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