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BIAC is Launched to Promote Boston as a Leading Center for International Arbitration

BOSTON (June 10, 2019) - - Recognizing that international commercial disputes need to be resolved as efficiently as possible, while safeguarding due process with concern for the heightened role of neutrality and enforceability in cross-border adjudication, the Boston International Arbitration Council (BIAC) is pleased to announce its formation to promote Boston as a destination for international arbitration and to provide valuable local resources for arbitration stakeholders.

“Beyond doubt, arbitration enhances the reliability and impartiality of cross-border dispute resolution,” explains Professor William W. Park of Boston University School of Law, the co-chair of BIAC’s Board of Directors and a distinguished international arbitrator. “This is what most international business managers expect, avoiding the type of ‘hometown justice’ that can dampen prospects for wealth-creating exchanges.”

Philip O’Neill, an arbitrator in over 130 complex cases and Professor Park’s co-chair on BIAC’s Board of Directors adds, “Where international business goes, some disputes inevitably follow. Boston’s role as a global hub for cross border scientific and technological exchange is well reflected in BIAC’s emerging capacity to help sustain that development — fairly, economically and with market sensitive speed.”

BIAC is organized to promote Boston for international dispute resolution and help to provide assistance for those choosing Boston as the site for international arbitration proceedings. Such assistance includes:

· Advocating for Boston as a seat in international arbitration clauses

· Education regarding international arbitration

· Locating conference space and hearing facilities

· Other support services, including locating translators, interpreters, etc.

“Boston is a truly international city, with world-beating companies, universities, arbitrators, counsel, and experts,” says Jared Hubbard, President of BIAC and counsel at Fitch Law Partners in Boston. “We have been privileged in forming BIAC to draw from all of these sources and have put together an outstanding Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. We look forward to working with international arbitral institutions, law firms, and companies worldwide as we put Boston on the map as a global center for international dispute resolution."

The following highly experienced international arbitration practitioners and neutrals make up BIAC’s distinguished Board of Directors:

· Professor William W. Park, co-chair of the BIAC Board of Directors, is the R. Gordon Butler Scholar in International Law at Boston University School of Law. He is the past President of the London Court of International Arbitration, current General Editor of Arbitration International. He has served as arbitrator on the Holocaust Accounts Tribunal in Zürich and was appointed by the President of the United States to the World Bank (ICSID) panel for investor-state arbitration.

· Philip D. O’Neill, co-chair of the BIAC Board of Directors, is an active international and domestic arbitrator, having served on over 130 large complex cases and adjudicated billions of dollars in claims, and is a fellow in the College of Commercial Arbitrators, fellow in the Chartered Institute for Arbitrators, and has taught international arbitration for many years at Harvard Law School, Boston College Law School, and Boston University Law School.

· Conna A. Weiner, Vice Chair of BIAC’s Board of Directors, is a JAMS neutral with over 20 years of experience.

· Jonathan W. Fitch, managing partner of Fitch Law Partners, is an arbitrator for the International Centre for Dispute Resolution and the American Arbitration Association and is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

· Jared L. Hubbard, President of BIAC, is counsel at Fitch Law Partners and serves as a member of the Steering Committee of the International Law Section of the Boston Bar Association.

· Carl A. Valenstein, Secretary of BIAC, is a partner at Morgan Lewis and co-chair of the International Law Section of the Boston Bar Association.

· Merriann Panarella, an independent arbitrator, meditator and consultant and is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

· Andrew B. Loewenstein, a partner at Foley Hoag, focuses his practice on public international law as well as investor-state and international commercial disputes.

· Daniel J. Ball, Assistant Secretary of BIAC, advises clients in the financial services industry and on a wide range of commercial litigation matters.

· Jessica Sblendorio, Treasurer of BIAC, is a litigation attorney representing clients in federal and state courts, the International Trade Commission and in arbitration proceedings.

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