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Special Event: Exercising Opportunities for Control in International Arbitration

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

July 8, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. ET

This webinar focuses on the concept of implementing “fair and practical” control of risk in international arbitration, from the parties’ efforts to minimize risk during initial deal negotiations, through party cooperation during the lifetime of the business relationship, and manifesting finally as strategic cooperation between the parties during dispute resolution proceedings. While business lawyers are trained as a matter of course to identify and manage risk before a dispute arises, relatively few fully appreciate the opportunities to exercise such control during the dispute resolution process.

In his presentation, Professor Gibson will discuss the transactional lawyer’s role of minimizing or allocating risks in international business relationships, and will go on to examine opportunities to control risk and improve the dispute resolution process by presenting a hypothetical scenario involving an arbitration between two life sciences companies working together under a modern collaboration agreement.

This program is presented by the Boston Chapter of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - North America Branch, with the supporting sponsorship of the Boston International Arbitration Council and Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center.

This program is free, but space is limited. To register, go to: ofu-tqj8qGN3XngOC2W3Ywa70Od67u3Uu

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